About The Brand


Everything Chantelle is a clothing brand that believes that every woman has VALUE, IMPORTANCE and as a brand, we believe in boosting her CONFIDENCE! The owner, Tenae Chantelle, is a licensed beauty professional who feels like women should feel good and look good no matter the occasion or location.
Our mission is to create looks for women who love simplicity and comfort, but also love to stand out. Everything Chantelle provides clothing for the lady who wants to look attractive and put together whether she's on the go or relaxing at home.
Comfortable: Whether it's loungewear or a "night-out" dress, our clothing will always be of a comfortable fit and fabric. The more comfortable you are, the more your confidence can shine through!
Effortless Style: We pride ourselves in keeping our styles simple, but never boring. We will always provide items that will pair well with multiple things within our different collections. We want people to look at you, while wearing Everything Chantelle, and think that you put much time into styling your outfit, not knowing how effortless it was to just put on and go!
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