Are Biker Shorts in Style?

"Are biker shorts in style?"

"Are biker shorts flattering?"

"Where can you wear biker shorts?"

Have you found yourself asking these questions? Don't worry! I am here to answer them for you!

I'm a young woman that loves comfort, but I also love to dress up, look good and feel amazing while I am out and about! Now that things are slowly getting back to normal *cough* Corona *cough* around here, I'm excited to ditch the PJ sets and be seen outside!

The great thing about biker shorts is that they are so versatile! During the pandemic, I was wearing my biker shorts to lounge around the house in, but now I'm wearing those same biker shorts to outings and even day parties!



Throw on some heels, a cute belt, grab you statement bag and hit the streets lady! You can make biker shorts look like an runway outfit, if that's your style! There's nothing wrong with pairing your oversized t-shirts with your colorful biker shorts, but you can make any biker short set look amazing with the right accessories and some confidence!

Our Cotton Biker Shorts look amazing when paired with our "Bad To The Bone" Bodysuit! Make sure you grab a pair (or two) this season!

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